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PUTOR is a World Bank funded African Centre of Excellence for Public Health and Toxicological Research. As a World Bank funded initiative, it is a platform for providing inter-disciplinary academic stream of postgraduate programmes and rapidly bridge the current paucity of adequately trained personnel with terminal degrees in public health, toxicology, nutrition and midwifery/child health nursing in sub-Saharan Africa.


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Programmes and Courses in ACE-PUTOR
Both the Masters and Doctorate degree programmes would be on full-time only and would run as modular structure for a minimum duration of 1 and 3 years respectively

PhD in Midwifery & Child Health Nursing
PhD in Environmental Toxicology
MSc in Public Health Nursing
MSc in Midwifery/Child Health Nursing (only one in Nigeria)
MSc in Fertility Nursing
MSc in Environmental & Petroleum Toxicology