Our Competitive Edge

Our advantage can best be appreciated with respect to:


All trainings and programmes in PUTOR have strong value propositions designed to develop high-flying health professionals that are equipped to solve local problems. The Centre’s postgraduate programme in midwifery represents a debut in Nigerian setting.


Besides the strong inter-disciplinary research teams that would generate ground-breaking research in health. PUTOR has broad-based partnership with other players in the health and environmental sectors and these include local and international academic institution who contribute to the curriculum development and training programmes under the Centre.


This is decipherable from two major perspectives:

  1. The positive impact of the alumni from PUTOR collaborating Departments.
  2. The good/accountable/transparent academic governance designed for PUTOR.


This is premised on PUTOR’s sustainability plans, revenue projections from internal and external sources and the industrial and sectoral solutions that would be engineering through the Centre.

Other Advantages

  1. Strong emphasis on collaboration and interdisciplinary research;
  2. Strong reputation for excellence; availability of a language laboratory for training non-English students
  3. E-library facility; access to electronic learning resources
  4. Unparalleled support for teaching & learning;
  5. Comfortable learning environment
  6. Students’ support
  7. Uninterrupted learning calendar.